Welcome to Circuits DB, a resource devoted to the identification and analysis of mixed MicroRNA / Transcription Factor Regulatory Circuits in the Human and Mouse genomes. Promoters and 3-UTRs are thought to control the expression of coding genes mainly in response to transcription factors (TF) and microRNAs. In particular, several methods exist to elucidate TF-related


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TFD abbreviation

TFD Transcriptional Factor DatabaseTFD means Transcriptional Factor DatabaseTFD is an acronym for Transcriptional Factor Database TFD (Transcriptional Factor Database) is mostly used The list of acronyms and abbreviations related to TFD – Transcriptional Factor Database Occupational Safety and Health Administration National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry TFD


Looking for this gene or this phenotype in other resources? qtip_text=Select a related resource from the dropdown menu and click for a targeted link to information directly relevant. ACTIVATING TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 7-INTERACTING PROTEIN 2; ATF7IP2 MBD1-CONTAINING CHROMATIN-ASSOCIATED FACTOR 2; MCAF2 Cytogenetic location:16p13.2-p13.1Genomic coordinates (GRCh38):16:10,386,054-10,483,639(from NCBI) Looking For More References?qtip_text=Click the reference plus icon span class=glyphicon

Post-transcriptional modification

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Example of a signal that directs post-transcriptional processing: the conserved eukaryoticpolyadenylationsignal directs cleavage at the cleavage signal and addition of a poly-A tail to the mRNA transcript Post-transcriptional modificationorCo-transcriptional modificationis the process ineukaryotic cellswhereprimary transcriptRNA is converted intomature RNA. A notable example is the conversion ofprecursor messenger RNAinto(mRNA) that occurs

A second Zn(II

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Transcription coregulator

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the process by which information from ageneis used in the synthesis of a functional gene product such as aprotein the process of makingmessenger RNA(mRNA) from aDNAtemplate byRNA polymerase a protein that binds to DNA and regulates gene expression by promoting or suppressing transcription the rate of gene transcription for example


Structural and functional analysis of the YAP-binding domain of human TEAD2 p.7293-7298 All references (4) The Hippo pathway controls organ size and suppresses tumorigenesis in metazoans by blocking cell proliferation and promoting apoptosis. The TEAD1-4 proteins (which contain a DNA-binding domain but lack an activation domain) interact with YAP (which lacks a DNA-binding domain but

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