Real Estate Videos Agents Should Create ASAP

The real estate video marketing strategies that win new leads and clients are those that take advantage of the numerous varieties of video that exist. Listing videos remain the most popular video agents produce. Having said that, there are so many more genres of video you can create to make your audience more aware of

Instagram Promo

Make a greater impact on your fans through interactive video production. From YouTube to Google+ Hangouts to Twitters Vine and Facebooks acquisition of Instagram Video, video is fast becoming an essential part of any artist and record labels online marketing strategy. Weve created some cost-effective solutions that will enable you to promote yourself on these

How to make a promo video for free – Quora

If by promo video you mean a video that promotes the services of a small business, then I recommend shooting one that features real A-roll narration footage of the owner, and real B-roll footage of the business in action as opposed to animated videos, lots of graphics, stock footage, or slide show of photos. This

Animated Explainer Video

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16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your Q4 Strategy [Infographic

Please select one of the blogs to subscribe to. There seems to be an error with the form. Please try again later! As marketers find more innovative ways to attract audiences, video has become a meaningful part of the strategic conversation. Video marketingis long past the status of an up-and-coming tactic. Its here, and its

Photography Videography and Agent branding

Our photographers will deliver high quality photos for your MLS and marketing needs. Our photo packages include: photos, customizable Virtual Tour, flyer, and all the links necessary to place into your personal website. We also syndicate to and your Virtual Tour can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & more. Promo Realty provides high

Promo Videos

A promo video is the perfect way to advertise and promote your business, brand, niche, ministry, organization or event. Fact: 20% of people remember by hearing, 30% by seeing, 70% of people remember by what they see AND hear! Video marketing done through promo videos is very effective. After your video is created, youll receive:

Creating a promo video for your product

It seems like every week or so a new startup launches a promo page featuring nothing more than a slick video and an email opt-in form. Creating a landing page that collects email addresses is easy (hint: useConvertKit), but creating a compelling video intro is a little more work. Recently, I wanted to create a