Travel the cradle of the American film industry

Located 150 kilometers north of Los Angeles in the United States, Santa Barbara has a population of nearly 90,000 and is surrounded by lush green hills. Facing the blue sea, Santa Barbara has a beautiful and quiet scenery. It is an excellent tourism and holiday resort in southern California. Perhaps very few people know that this was the cradle of the American film industry and had the largest movie studio in the world. It was not until 1930 that the film industry moved south to Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The tourist bus departs from Los Angeles and goes north along Highway 101. From time to time there are patches of tidy countryside on both sides of the highway. It is the most affluent area in California and is also the famous California strawberry production base. This season is just the season for the harvest of strawberries. Many local farmers’ cars are selling fresh strawberries along the roadside. Significant signs can be seen everywhere. Not only the farm, the roadside villages and towns are also very unique. The villages and towns are large or small, there are dozens of families in large families, and there are only one or two small families. The architecture is Spanish style. Behind the room is a large area of ​​grass, cattle and horses scattered on the grass, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, dressed in fancy Mexicans, giving people a feeling of prosperity.

Every summer in Santa Barbara, many people from all over the United States and even the rest of the world choose to come here for summer and summer. Because of the normal temperature throughout the four seasons, it is also a good place to avoid the cold in winter. Many farmers who live in northern Canada choose to spend the winter in San Barbara. Often before the onset of winter, they took the whole family from the cold Quebec to San Barbara to spend a warm winter and return to their hometown in the coming year. A well-known domestic architect once described the building of St. Barbara: “Suddenly I saw a Mediterranean-style town like a dream, a two-hundred-year-old settlement. The huge woods covered it like a canopy. Those roofs covered with reeds are staggered with red-brick roofs, row upon row, and restless. Stop and get out of the car, sit in the shaded cafe and watch the bustling passers-by as you immerse yourself in the strange dream.” Nowadays, people come to this small town, not only to avoid the heat and the sea, but also to enjoy the beautiful wine vineyards, join the thriving art salon and visit unique shopping centers. The diverse food culture here is a gourmet’s paradise. People often call California the Gold Coast of the United States, and St. Barbara is a jewel set on the Gold Coast.

The architecture of the city of San Barbara follows the Spanish and Mediterranean styles. White or cream colored walls and red tiles are illuminated by the bright sunshine. Walk through the streets of the city and see no post-industrial buildings. According to records, the Santa Barbara region suffered two earthquakes. The 1925 earthquake destroyed most of the city’s buildings. When the city planning was rebuilt, the city government determined that the Spanish colonial style was a new urban style. Due to the destruction of the earthquake, only a small amount of British Victorian architecture was left in the urban area. Therefore, most of the cities in the San Barbara and the northern United States or Canada have different styles. No modern high-rise building can be seen in the city. Even the shopping center on the edge of the city is consistent with the architectural style in the city.

Although the film industry of St. Barbara has been transferred to Los Angeles, the secluded environment is still favored by performing arts stars. Many people choose to live here or vacation. Michael Jackson’s Dreamland is outside San Barbara City and has attracted numerous fans. The annual film festival is a festival for star-studying people. Of course, there is also a very famous place in San Barbara – Vandenberg Air Force Base. It is said that this is the launch site for the US military experimental missiles. Many strategic missiles are tested and shaped here, and their status is the same as that of San Diego Naval Base on the south side.

The beach of St. Barbara, which is more than 40 kilometers away, is the essence of Barbara. The beautiful beaches nestle beside the Pacific coastline and bathe in the warm Mediterranean climate all year round. The warm sea breeze on the beach, the long stretch of sandy beach, and the symphony of the waves, show the care of nature. The tour guide took a short break and let us take a few photos near the beach. I took a walk along the beach on the side of the road and found that the beach was not an imaginary golden beach and I was disappointed. However, the sun, blue sky, flowers and birds singing on the coast, and the palm trees swaying throughout the year still linger. On the small plaza on the shore, there are Mexicans who are playing and playing beside a decorated jeep. People are greeted by taking pictures of the background of the car. It may be because of the weather. There are not many people on the beach except our party. It is very lonely.

Leaving the beach of St. Barbara, the bus continues north along Highway 101, and soon returns to a mountain road, a celebrity villa district of St. Barbara. The road runs through the hills. The roadside is not a grassland or a hillside. The guide told us that there are many villas of first-rate American characters on both sides of this mountain road. However, we did not see any buildings. We just saw some fenced-in grasslands and some unknown roads where we did not know where to go. The tour guide pointed to a piece of grassland and said that this is the territory of Barbara Streisand, America’s controversial world-class icon. Her villa is behind a hill next to the grass. The area of ​​the land is very large. Barbara Streisand is the last truly unparalleled artist of the 20th century and the most admired entertainment star in the world today. Her extraordinary talent has brought a very different response to the world. The guide also pointed to a side of the road leading to the gate and said that this road leads to Michael Jackson’s 2,800-acre dreamland. This is the most extravagant private estate in the United States, but it is a pity that the king, who is known as the king of popular music, has lost the most influential musicians in the western pop music scene. He only lived 50 years old. The tour guide told us that the villas of rich people are hidden in the mountains and cannot be seen from the outside. At most, they can only see the gates and grasslands. However, there are exceptions. At a corner of the road, on the hill far away from the road, we see the former American President Reagan hiding in the hills of the villa. It is said that this house was bought when Reagan was the governor of California. In the end, he also told others in this world. Of course, there are many other famous villas here. Everything becomes a souvenir.