Video ads and Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your First Video Ad

Step-by-step strategies for success Video ads arent just for big brands anymore. Social media helped even the advertising playing field for smaller businesses, and the data proves time and again that videos

Let em go. Hard to believe that just a decade ago, many people still read actual newspapers with their morning coffee instead of browsing apps on smartphones from the moment their eyes

In 2018, video ads have clearly established themselves as the most valuable form of content for marketing. Businesses of all sizes are joining the revolution by creating online videos and publishing effective

A Holiday gift from the Promo Team! If youre a social media manager or the manager of your own businesss Facebook Page, you are doing some pretty important work. With 76% of

The holidays can be an exciting and overwhelming time for us all. With to-do lists piled high and tasks to the brim, its often difficult to find the inspiration to create something

As an organization that serves local business owners and customers, Promo by Slidely is proud to support Small Business Saturday® this Nov 25. Small Business Saturday was founded by American